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Payroll Solutions

AVIGNA’s payroll team has been designed to enable you to work towards the finest service solution in your payroll function. Our friendly payroll experts work with robust computable functioning processes to serve you and your employees better. At one stage, Avigna enables you to outsource and at another level helps you remain in control, which is why our customers consider us a part of their own extended team and feel it is the right source.

We understand the essentials of operating a business and payroll is just one of those issues you need to ensure is properly managed. This is why we acquire a practical and specialized approach to deliver solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our services become an extension of your already existing business functions. We assure your payroll is expertly managed.

We at Avigna provide proficient high quality and complete solution of payroll processing to our esteemed clients. Payroll is one such painful process that can be outsourced to us - your trusted partner. We take a proactive and professional approach to deliver solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. Take advantage of our expertise and lighten routine administrative tasks by partnering with us - Reduce costs and increase profits. Outsourcing payroll services to Avigna will reduce operating costs by up to 50%.

We will ensure that outsourcing decision is an agreeable one, even when the Pay Roll is as sensitive and complex as the number of people in a company. We are committed to leveraging our expertise in labour legislation to ensure compliance from the payroll angle. We believe every client deserves exceptional, customized services and are committed to exceeding expectations with every client interaction.

Payroll by nature itself is very sensitive subject. An employee (across the class, category and industry) is concern about accuracy and timely disbursement of his take home salary, where as employer is concern about payroll cost, accounting, allocation, & outflow. On top of it, compliance of statutory provisions is mandatory, as they are enacted by the Government. Therefore, payroll desk is always very demanding. Hence qualities such as positive attitude, honesty, sincerity and character of strength are pre requisite.

Basic Concepts of payroll
Payroll flows from written or implied employment contract and gets concluded eventually upon termination of contract. Apart from contractual aspect, compliance of statutory obligations are not matter of choice, as they are enforced by Government and any non-compliance would lead up to criminal proceedings against the employer. Broadly one can divide payroll in to three components, which are generic and integral part of any payroll across the world:

At the same time, compliance of statutory provisions is obligatory and one must ensure strict compliance, irrespective of likes or dislike of employees or employer. Being a payroll executive you are supposed to quantify statutory dues, based on prevailing statutory provision. Therefore, you need to understand not only provision but also the basis of computation.

What is Outsourcing Payroll?
Today's competitive environment, in quest of maximizing the revenue at the lowest cost with expectations of high quality results, business organizations have resorted to outsourcing of their non-core business operations

Every company, no matter what the business size or nature, needs to have its payroll computed every month ensuring timely and accurate salary processing for its employees. It goes without saying that big businesses need to keep a large payroll department with solutions to match, and when it comes to smaller and medium sized companies, the case differs.

Unfortunately, for many companies, payroll processing can prove to be a hassle due to:

How do you go about managing varied salary structures? How about factoring in dynamic HR inputs like leaves, loan advances, re-imbursements etc.? If you are taking care of all of this, have you been able to comply with the changing law and statutory regulations?

If you are spending unreasonable amount of time, energy and resources managing your payroll challenges, then you should consider Payroll outsourcing.

Payroll Outsourcing provides you the answers to these challenges. The strategy to outsourcing is to, firstly identify the core activities which are the essence of the company and turn the management’s focus on these, while concurrently transferring the other activities on a recurring basis, to a service provider who specialises in them. Today, this is the preferred choice over setting up and managing an in-house payroll competence. It has become the preferred practice in companies that strive to streamline complicated business processes and choose to focus on key business objectives. Many companies have now been moving to this solution to reduce costs and enhance profitability in the competitive business world.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll include:

Avigna Payroll Outsourcing service is the answer to your needs!
Avigna provides payroll outsourcing services for companies who are looking for a reliable Payroll / HR provider that can work collaboratively with them to manage their payroll operation Avigna's outsourced solutions are tailor made to meet an organisation's individual need. Our flagship HR and Payroll applications sit at the cornerstone of our solutions, which means you can have a fully integrated HR, Payroll and Pensions solution if required. What's more, should your needs change in the future, bringing your payroll back in house is a trouble free process.

Avigna offers payroll solutions that can pay an unlimited number of employees while managing superannuation, benefits, compliance issues and tax laws - including monitoring and evolving to meet continuous changes in legislation and circumstances. Avigna provides low risk, high efficiency and high performance.

Providing experts to run your Payroll and HR processes, your business is now free to focus on its core business requirements. Avigna's team of dedicated payroll professionals remain compliant with the constantly changing labour and employment regulations, and will ensure that your administrative matters are in trusted hands.

Whether it is the full spectrum of complicated Payroll and HR processes of an MNC or setting up a start-up system for a newly established company, Avigna is fully equipped with the expertise and experience to manage your payroll procedures.

Why Outsource PAYROLL to AVIGNA?

What services does Avigna Payroll Outsourcing cover?
Our highly process driven and secure payroll solution is best suited for the small and medium enterprises. It brings you the benefits of full-fledged payroll solutions without maintaining a department specifically for the purpose at your company. The Payroll solutions to service & non-service Industries which we provide includes:-