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HR Solutions

Avigna partners with you in all your HR operations by providing a platform which takes care of your non-core functions and gives you the time and opportunity to focus on your core business activities. We provide dedicated integrated and full life cycle of Human Resources Solutions and Outsourcing Services to our clients and ensure the delivery of profitable propositions for their human capital needs.

Our HR experts have vast experience in problem-solving and Avigna is all about meeting challenging business goals and objectives. We offer our clients a wealth of talent and a wide range of support quality services. Avigna possesses strong integration capabilities which are programmed to deliver what is best for your company. We believe in taking measured strides and strategic initiatives.

We offer a wide range of consulting services to our customers, which help them to construct systems and processes to attain, engage and build up their human capital. Our HR Solutions also aims to afford our client when they want to either outsource their HR activities or they want to design & maintain professional HR environment within the company.

Avigna HR Solutions designs and delivers practical and professional HR compliance and performance management solutions for people in business who wants to be strategic about their approach to people management. We offer well developed and tailor made Human Resources strategies and solutions Our compliance and performance management strategies target small and medium size businesses by developing employees so they can achieve their full potential, work more efficiently, and add value to the business every day.

Consultancy is an advisory service provided to organizations by specially trained and qualified persons who assist, in an objective and independent manner, the client to:

Thus HR Consulting is concerned with the provision of HR services to assist management in day to day operation of the organization. Business decisions directly and indirectly impact your employees and the culture of your firm. Employee’s fulfilment in any company is dependent on its HR department. In order to deal with the details involved in the midst of the workforce, to make sure smooth functioning of HR department, & to compensate for resource accessibility, companies opt for HR outsourcing (HRO) or HR Consulting services.

Most managers in organizations have dealings with consultants on a regular basis. In HR, external consultants are used particularly the recruitment, payroll, training and occupational health and safety. HR Consultancy helps in boosting organizational performance with loads of strategic benefits like eradicating the recurring back office HR Functions, cost competitiveness and helps in maintaining strategic HR

Thus, HR consultants can help in :

Avigna provides END-to-END HR Solutions with the help of Experts. Avigna aims at developing effective HR Solutions to enhance organisational efficiency, provides solutions that suit the client requirements, keeping in mind the futuristic view of the organisation & also current practices.

Our range of comprehensive HR solutions addresses the specific needs of the organisation with the single-minded goal of making it easier for clients to create and manage a work environment that delivers results and sustainable commercial growth.

Our services provide insights into how well your business compares with others on various parameters and allows you to examine your organisation's structure, recruitment, performance management, learning, benefits, HRIS systems, HR policies and procedures, employee proposition and communications processes.

We help organisations develop specific change objectives to address their problems, together with an action plan for achieving high priority goals.