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HR Out Sourcing

Avigna is a fast growing organization, expertise in HR Services, which offers a wide variety of services to match your business needs. The company is promoted by a team of professionals having vast experience in HR domain. We provide expert and cost efficient to our clients. Our customer satisfaction builds, as we exceed our clients' expectations.

Avigna HR Services is committed to be a long- term strategic partner in providing quality HR solutions to their clients. Avigna HR Solutions provides innovative & practical HR solutions for clients to meet core business goals Avigna. HR Solutions believe each client's business environment is unique; every company has its own culture & values. We work closely with our clients to develop customized HR Solutions to suit their business needs.

We take care of our assignments so that our clients can focus more on core competencies leading to business growth. Avigna HR Solutions provides outsource service for the entire or any of the HR function that will improve operational or strategic HR of the client organization. We provide end to end HR solutions to Large / Mid-sized / Small / Start-up companies. Avigna HR Solutions provide wide variety of Human Resource solutions, which include HR Consulting & HR Outsourcing.

What is HR Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a strategic decision to give a task or activity to an independent contractor who determines how best to do the task or activity. Outsourcing Human Resource (HR) is a momentous strategic HR initiative. Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) helps an organization to focus on internal resources towards doing their best and helps to gain cost and time efficiencies and provides cutting edge over their human resource strategies and improves their service and also services to their employees

In the ideal company, HR professionals would help their company deliver growth by concentrating on strategy, planning and other ways of enhancing the business. Yet in a survey half of large organisations estimated that their support staffs spend up to 2 to 3 days a week on HR administrative duties such as servicing payroll, personnel, benefits and other processes. Time and capacity can be scarce resources.

It can be difficult for HR departments to continually align to best practice standards. To achieve best practice across all HR functions, the necessary blend of skills, experience and resources is needed. This is often impossible for SMEs and costly for larger organisations.

Many organisations have considered the possibility of HR outsourcing, but place it to the back of their minds and continue to deal with the day to day running of their business. This is understandable, particularly given the difficult economic climate we have been experiencing lately, but in doing this, organisations may be missing out on opportunities which can help them run their business more efficiently and maximise profits.

If this sounds like your organisation - and you have considered how HR outsourcing may help but you are not quite convinced - then you really should take a few minutes to look at the benefits of human resource outsourcing.

What can be accomplished by outsourcing HR functions?
Focus on your core business : First of all - and this is perhaps the most important point - by opting to outsource HR, this will allow you to focus on your core business. It is a fact that just about every business has limited resources, and every manager within those companies has limited time to deal with the many elements which come to his or her attention throughout the working day. If you outsource human resources, this is one way in which you can shift the focus away from these peripheral activities - which are essential but time consuming - to the strategic parts of your business which serves the customer. Reducing operating costs is often the main reason to consider HR outsourcing. The financial benefits are two-fold. In the first place, savings are made by capitalising on the economies of scale that only a dedicated outsourcing provider can deliver. Secondly, profit and productivity can be improved when the very best HR policies are adopted. Best Practices : You can ensure best practice by working with specialist HR experts.Best practice in staff benefits, health & safety, welfare, employee relations, training, recruitment and administration can be hard to achieve, especially with an under-resourced, over-stretched HR function. HR managers and directors can spend more time on strategic issues - The senior HR team can get bogged down in managing the administration of standard processes. By outsourcing this task, they can concentrate on contributing to their organisation’s success.

Benefits of HR Outsourcing
Reducing Overheads through HR Outsourcing

Reduce risk and costs : One of the advantages of taking up outsourcing services is that your HR costs become immediately transparent. Hidden costs like HR staff holidays and absence are removed, as are the risks of additional costs. We commit to deliver a service covering some or all of your HR responsibilities, and in doing so take on the responsibilities that go with those services.Here are some examples of how outsourcing HR achieves cost savings:

Straightforward cost-per-head savings : The simplest way that outsourcing reduces costs is that it removes some of your salary overheads. We have found that outsourcing always makes financial sense for this reason, thanks to our economies of scale. Also, you reduce your fixed overheads by only paying for the level of service that you need.

Less risk of non-compliance with new employment legislation : If your HR department cannot keep up with new legislation, it exposes you to risks like employment tribunals. Thanks to our focus on HR, all of our policies - and therefore your policies if you ask us to manage your HR - are always compliant with legislation.

Avigna’s HRO services are the processes of dealing with end to end HR services related to payroll, benefits administration, training, recruitment and non-voice employee data management etc. We at Avigna have HR specialists with advanced knowledge in understanding your business demands. They are expertise HR professionals, who have proved their capability both client-side and customer-side and also proved their ability to deliver cost effective and execution improvements.

Avigna consultancy services understand that one of the most decisive factors that we can't be ignored while making HR outsourcing decision is cost. Any outsourcing HR company has to provide some level of savings. This cost is reflected in operating cost and cost avoidance, such as having to put in new technology and keeping it current. We at Avigna specialized in all HR outsourcing services with low cost and with effective service methods.

Avigna HR Solutions will manage your firm's daily Human Resource tasks. We will streamline your business, cutting expenses so you are able to concentrate on expanding your client base. Your employees will appreciate the enhanced benefits and professional outsourced HR services

Avigna HR Solutions will take care of your human resources obstacles and is able to handle issues such as tax filing, payroll management, etc.

Benefits to Clients from AVIGNA’s HRO
The Avigna HRO Solutions brings to the clients several benefits - both tangible and intangible.

  • The HR Experts takes total tenure for successful execution of all your HR deliverables. This enables you to focus on your core business activities while being rest assured that there is a qualified team taking care of all your people and your people processes.
  • Through HRO the client has access to strategic, tactical and operational HR expertise at affordable costs. Instead of hiring HR professionals specialized in few areas, they gain from the depth of all round expertise of The HR Experts
  • Having an organization manage your HR responsibilities instead of a specific person ensures continuity of service.
  • Outsourcing the full suite of HR services also brings flexibility in managing peaks in HR activities in addition to improved service delivery ie., we can deploy more of our team members at your organization whenever a need arises.
  • By outsourcing the end to end HR services to a single service provider it is possible to take an integrated view of the company and its specific issues. And as and when an organization requires Avigna provides a better platform for executing the engagement due to the in-depth knowledge of the client organization that has been imbibed by The HR Experts .
  • It brings you access to specialist expertise. As a result, your policies and procedures are reviewed and improved where necessary.
  • Even all or some aspects of your administration are carried out by an experienced and qualified team, delivering high service levels to your employees.
  • Organisations of all sizes entrust HR functions to us. Some are SMEs employing a few hundred people, some are blue chip companies with thousands of employees. They might ask us to provide individual HR services such as the review and development of job evaluation, recruitment and selection policies, or to run every administrative aspect of their HR function.
  • We supply a great breadth of services. Clients look to us for the full range of HR services, from developing HR strategy through to operational level activity such as professional advice during tribunal proceedings. And of course we can look after every conceivable aspect of HR administration - and we can provide payroll services as part of the arrangement.
  • HR Outsourcing with Avigna means that the highest levels of HR expertise are made available to you. This is true if you ask us to manage selected aspects of your HR function or if you agree on a fully managed arrangement. This expertise takes the form of consultancy services, day-to-day administration and help desk support from qualified HR advisers.